About us

The changing shape of our families and workplace means there is a need to rethink our home style living…

As a result, the garden studio – home office is the fastest-growing type of home extension, an increasingly popular addition in the backyard garden.

Why Choose NPR Studios

Our business boils down to providing a great service and great quality buildings.
Our price guide starts from only $6,000 which is a bargain in terms of value, depending on what externals you want on your building it may cost more, but we offer complete transparency from day one about what things are likely to cost. Our buildings are designed so that they will not require planning permission.

Although commercial office space can have the advantage of portraying a professional image, that is not always the top priority for many start-up businesses. In fact, now days, more than ever, business can be conducted from many different locations. And more so, meetings are taking more of an online format, making it easier to work from anywhere – including your own back yard.
Garden studios are a more convenient alternative to renting office space in commercial buildings… and with a typical npr studio starting at only $5,600 or so, they are very affordable too!

The exciting thing about garden studios is that they can be adapted to suit any type of property, any size of garden and any purpose. You can choose between Colorbond wall cladding, available in 22 colours or for that extra touch, add Biowood shiplap wall panel for a traditional finish.


Garden rooms are quirky, unique and extremely cost-effective spaces, costing a fraction of the expense of an enclosed patio or house extension. Here are some of the benefits that can be found by choosing an NPR Studio.

No planning permission needed!

Most NPR Studios do not require planning permission or building permit so long as they do not take up more than 10m2 of total space of your backyard. There are some exceptions to this, which we will describe in the next section, but for most buyers, the stress of securing planning permission or a building permit is simply not a factor. This is a significant advantage over a house extension, because the planning process can be a frustrating headache. In our opinion, it is best to avoid it altogether – by opting for a versatile, personalised garden studio.

Space away from the main house

As we discussed in our introduction, as households expand or grow older, their needs change. If there are several adults in a household, such as parents with grown up children, or elderly parents living with them, then space is a necessity to avoid getting under each other’s feet. A garden studio provides that space at a crucial distance from the main house, so that members of the household can enjoy privacy and independence while remaining in the same home.

With the onset of Covid19 numerous people are now working from home, and for many that lifestyle will not change.

Multiple uses

As we have seen, a garden room can be used for a huge variety of purposes. As a flexible space this can change over time. Your garden studio may start off as a games room and then become an office. Once your garden room is installed it is a permanent part of your property, so its’ use can change and grow as your needs change.

Enjoy your garden more:
Many people use their garden studio simply to enjoy time in their gardens and simply read a book.

An affordable option

Garden rooms really do offer so much more value for money. A quality garden studio will cost you a bit less than an enclosed patio, but will be far more usable, warmer and adaptable.

Worried about disruptions and delays?

People who have gone through building work or who know people that have, often express anxiety about the potential disruption involved with building. Fortunately, the two experiences can’t even be compared! NPR Studio kits can normally be ordered and delivered within two or three weeks. Laying the concrete base and foundations is the most important part and is what takes the most time, or you can have the kit with a steel framed floor and mount it on Besser masonry blocks or footings.

After this, the structure itself, designed by the building system manufactured from high tensile TRUECORE steel, backed by a warranty of up to 50 years. Can you get that assurance from other building materials?

Freedom awaits

Studio flat packs start from $4,900