NPR Studios offer a practical, affordable and no fuss solution. Our contemporary garden buildings are maintenance free and quick to install. We only use the best quality materials, so your studio is built to last!

  • Available in two sizes: 2.4m x 4.0m and 3.0m x 3.0m
  • For pick-up or delivery to your site
  • Supplied as a flat pack kit ready for your own assembly


We supply prefabricated wall frames and trusses, Colorbond cladding and Composite fascia wood panelling. Windows and doors can also be supplied.

Flooring options

When setting up your NPR Studio, a concrete slab is a very suitable option. Other popular options include steel sub floors or bonded multilayered plywood flooring. Contact us for help arranging your flooring.

When it comes to building, we know our stuff

We should, we’ve been doing it for 14 years


Steel Framing does not warp, shrink, or rot, so the frame stays straight.

COLORBOND® Steel Cladding

Create the right colour scheme for your home

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Prefabricated walls and roof can be erected quickly. Putting up an NPR Studio is comparatively quiet, less disruptive and a lot quicker than building a shed.

Endless possibilities

Bush fire safety

  • Steel framing is non-combustible, so will resist ignition, and not add fuel to fire.
  • Steel framing does not warp, shrink or rot, so the frame stays straight.
  • Steel framing is termite and borer proof, safe in termite prone areas.
  • Australia made from Australian steel.


Furthermore, as there are fewer elements involved with building a npr studio, there are less opportunities for delays caused by deliveries and labour issues.
Lightweight, easily erected wall panels and trusses are significantly lighter in weight than conventional framing materials, therefore in most applications no special lifting equipment required and are easily stood and attached.

Freedom awaits

Studio flat packs start from $4,900